Lifting the Cloud of Dread

Hello Lovely Creatures!

I apologize for my extended vacation from my blog. I wasn’t sure what to write about or if anyone would actually want to hear what I have to say at this point. Today I had revelation that when I read blogs about people going through rough times it helps me, so why wouldn’t it help others to hear how I have overcome my obstacles.

The truth is, life is extremely hard for me right now. I was in car accident three years ago and in which I sustained life changing injuries. I had to shut down the dance studio I owned because I couldn’t teach dance anymore, I am unable to to exercise like I used to and I have a very hard time sleeping.

Yes, all of those things are awful but the worst of it all is that I don’t know where my is in the world anymore. I used to know myself, what I wanted to be and where I wanted to end up. Now I am not able to live my dream and I don’t know if I will get back the ability to do so ever again. I lost my dream and at times I lose all hope.

I learned how important it is to take it one day at a time. When life gets hard and you can’t see past the cloud of dread, try to focus only on what you can accomplish today. These accomplishments don’t have to been big tasks. Here are a couple examples of things I accomplished today: folded my laundry, a home yoga practice (15 minutes) and started writing this blog. I am proud of my myself for doing those three small things because even getting out of bed was difficult today.

Surrounding yourself with positive people is also another amazing way to slowly push through your cloud of dread. I have this friend and he is quite possibly the most positive person I have ever met. He will not speak negatively about anyone, it is actually impressive. Just being around him makes me feel lighter, less self conscious and much more positive. We all need more people like him in our lives. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could train our subconscious to be more like my special friend?

Well we can with perseverance and practice. I will share the three things I do on the daily to uplift my being:

  1. I keep a gratitude journal. Every night I write down all the things im grateful for, what I accomplished that day, what I want to accomplish tomorrow and a motivational quote.
  2. I do one small mindfulness practice every day that range from 3-30 minutes
  3. Make sure to do an activity that brings me joy. This could be a face mask, painting, yoga, meet up with friend etc.

I want all my lovely creatures out there to know that I have compassion for your struggles. You are beautiful, strong, fierce beings! Love your own uniqueness. #BeautifulDisaster

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