Tuning in to Tune Ups

Good Morning Lovelies!

Just like a well oiled machine, our bodies need a tune up every now and again. Do you know when your body needs one? Do you know which tune ups work for you? This post is going to give you some tips and tricks to help tune up and tune in with your beautiful mind, body and soul.

How do you know know when a tune up is needed? You may need a tune up when you feel your mind is at its sharpest,¬†you notice that your body is slower than usual or you realize your soul isn’t as happy as it could be.¬†Simply, if you aren’t running at your full capacity then maybe think about tuning in and tuning up

What does your body need for a tune up? When your mind isn’t at it sharpest try to challenge it or give it rest. When your body is running slower than usual try something to reenergize it. When you soul is not as happy as it could be, try to bring light and enlightenment inside.

Try a tune up when you feel:

  • tired, fatigued, sluggish
  • slow metabolism
  • low, unmotivated, uninspired
  • anxious
  • muscle aches
  • agitation, restlessness
  • diminished concentration
  • bored, needing more excitement in life
  • creative block

Try a tune up:

  • meditation
  • positive self affirmations
  • a cleanse ( my personal favourite is Wild Rose)
  • cut out alcohol (give dry February a go)
  • change your workout regime
  • try yoga
  • do something that challenges your mind (board games, word puzzles, books, escape rooms etc. )
  • get outside even when it is freezing cold
  • take time for self care

I recommend making a list of tunes up that work for you. The list will make it easy for you to pick a tune up easily when you recognize it is needs. Try checking in daily to see if you could use a minor or sometimes major tune up. The most important part is that you are gentle with yourself. When you realize you need a tune please do not be hard on yourself, you deserve an applause for self awareness.

I would love to hear what how you lovely creatures are tuning in and tuning it up. #selflove

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