9 Tips for Fighting the Winter Blues

Today I am going to share with the 10 things that help me make it thru our long, dark and cold winters. I use at least 3 of the 9 skills every day. The following tips have helped me to stay energized, maintain healthy sleep patterns and feel content during the dark months.

1. Create a Sleep Schedule – As we experience less daylight and more darkness it is easy to feel fatigued and crave more sleep. We need to resist the want to hibernate and instead THRIVE. Maintaining the same sleep schedule you had in the summer months is pivotal when maintaining ones mental health during the dark months.

2. Get Outside – The more we cozy up inside, the more we are giving into the hibernation. Try to step out of your cave intentionally for 20 minutes a day.

3. Tanning – Hitting up a tanning bed at least twice a week is something everyone who is battling SADS should try (consult your doctor). Absorbing the vitamin D through your skin helps fight depression. This is my #1 secret to fighting my seasonal affective disorder.

4. Hot Yoga – The warm on your cold bones will help cure your ached and pains. The amazing stretch of your muscles will help relieve the tension from shivering throughout the cold months. Plus laying in a hot room feels damn good when it is ice cold out.

5. Spending Time With Family/Friends – Maintaining a social life, laughing with our mates and breaking the barrier of our home will help us battle the feeling of winter hibernation.

6. Taking Vitamins – Ask your doctor about taking some vitamins to fight off the winter blues. Vitamin D, B12 and Vitamin C have worked for me in the past. Please check with your doctor first.

7. AquaFit – Who doesn’t love taking a dip in a warm pool when its cold outside? Imagine you are on vacation while getting some exercise. I find this helps my moods immensely.

8. Drinking Your Favourite Hot Beverage – If you are having a low day this winter, try to warm up your favourite hot beverage. Drink something that makes your smile : )

9. A Hot Bath – Sit back, relax and warm up. Drop some of your favourite oils in the bath, put on your favourite music and enjoy the relaxation.

As you can see I really enjoy socializing, warmth and staying active during the winter. If you can achieve doing those 3 things every day, you will definitely have 1 up on the winter blues.  Keep fighting the good fight fellow creatures! #downwiththewinterblues

2 thoughts on “9 Tips for Fighting the Winter Blues

  1. Great tips, Sarah! Winter, especially these dark, long days can be very difficult. Everyone needs to find coping mechanisms and you’ve just offered some.
    I also think finding small joys over the holiday season – whatever that is for you – can be a bit helpful.
    Small things. Helping a neighbor or a friend or family member in need of some comfort. Great work, darling. Keep blogging.❤️

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