Travelling Polar Bear

Hello Lovelies!

I am going to share with you my greatest secret for maintaining stability in my life. Which is taking a vacation. Whether it be a two night camping trip, 1 week in Cuba or 2 weeks in Europe. Taking a break is my number one weapon against my BiPolar.

I LOVE TO TRAVEL! I enjoy immersing myself in other cultures, learning the history of a new place, dancing with the locals and trying new foods. Being able to take a reprieve from my hectic life and experience news things helps me to reset.

Taking these breaks has become a necessity for my mental stability. It is the equivalent of taking a time out. The over stimulus from my day to day life can be very triggering. The more stress I experience, the more likely I am to have an episode. Knowing that I have a vacation in the not too distant future, makes life feel more manageable.

Here are the 3 main life skills I am developing while traveling:

1) Planning a trip is all part of this life management tactic. Setting goals financially has always been a struggle for me. Planning trips help me learn how to manage money better in a more enjoyable fashion.

2) Travelling solo has given me the opportunity to prove to myself that I am ok being alone. I can be independent!

3) Travelling always reminds me of who I truly want to be as a human being. Getting grounded is a key part of my travelling experience.

Travelling may not work for you. What do you do to reset? How do you make your life more manageable? #startaconversation


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  1. I love that you have found that traveling provides you such comfort and release.And being able to identify how happy it makes you is great !
    You are traveling through life, too and educating others through your
    journey (trip)

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