National Suicide Prevention Day ;

Today and everyday that we can prevent suicide from happening is so important.

As you know I have bipolar disorder. What you don’t know is that in high school I was bullied terribly, suffered from severe panic attacks and depression. At that point in time I wasn’t diagnosed with bipolar. It all became too much and I attempted suicide. If I hadn’t survived my suicide attempt 11 years ago I wouldn’t be here today. It was because of my supportive family and doctors that I made it out alive.

The feeling of despair, not wanting to live because you have no fight left- I know it is all real. Those feelings are so painful or maybe you have feelings left at all. PLEASE reach out to your loved ones, a doctor or call a crisis hotline 204-784-4073 . Your life is valuable, every single life is valuable.


2 thoughts on “National Suicide Prevention Day ;

  1. The idea that anyone would be so lost and in so much pain that the only answer was to end his or her life, breaks my heart. I’m so grateful that you made it out alive Sarah. The world is a better place with you in it. You’re really helping people with this blog. Bless you and all you do. Love you. ❤️

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