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Today my goal is to clear up some common misconceptions about Bipolar – the way people believe us polar bears act and react. Also, I am going to talk about the idea that polar bears are just moody creatures.

First, I would like to say that from my experience BiPolar is not like PMSing. You aren’t just bitchy and irrational one minute then content the next. It also doesn’t mean that my moods shift from happy to mad or sad rapidly. A diagnosed polar bear will experience long periods in depression , hypomania or mania. These periods last anywhere from a week to years. So please stop referring to moody people as bipolar it is just plain offensive.

This next one, I think is common sense. However, you wouldn’t believe the number of people that think being BiPolar is choice. Would you choose to have your leg amputated? No…? Then why would I choose to have an illness that induces feelings of despair, anxiety and worthlessness? The point is that we don’t have the ability just snap out of it or move on – sometimes it is hard enough just to think straight. Please be patient, use validation and don’t give up on the ones you love.

This last point just absolutely mystifies me – people are actually scared of others suffering from a mental illness. Instead of attempting to sympathize with the polar bears, people run in fear. We may have issues, we may have a lot of baggage and be overly complicated. However, we too can also be extremely empathetic, wonderfully artistic and/or remarkably intelligent. Please do us all a favour and educate yourselves! Having people try to understand what I am going through, is one of the most powerful parts of my journey. Thanks for ready :): #wearenotmonsters

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“Be yourself, not who others think you should be”

4 thoughts on “Clear the Air

  1. Thank you, Sarah, for just beginning to explain part of your journey and for sharing … so that there might be a greater understanding of Bipolar Bears. There is so much intelligence, passion and truth in what you are writing about. And you…and many other amazing people like you need to be heard and, one day, fully understood. No fear. No judgement. Just respect and love. I’m waiting for your next post…,

  2. Sarah,

    I am truly happy to see you moving forward to discuss mental illness. Most people do not want to hear about this but a lot of us are suffering with mental illness. Everyone’s voice has a right to be heard, even if it behind a screen cause it creates anxiety. I am going to be one of your followers that will love to read your blog! ♥️

  3. Sarah
    You are incredibly strong. It takes guts to talk about something so personal. Keep sharing …it is bound to make a difference in people’s lives.

  4. I agree 100% about this post. Calling someone who’s moody “bipolar” is offensive. I hate to sound cliché, but the struggle is real. Your struggle is real. And this blog is reaching people who need to be reached. You’re brave, strong and inspiring Sarah. Keep up the good writing and work. I for one, can’t wait to hug a BiPolar Bear. Love you ❤️

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